Mould Actuation System

The DFS Mould Actuation System is a hydraulic machine used for actuating large mould tools such as those used in producing the shell assembly for wind turbine rotor blades.  The actuation functions include lifting, rotating, and clamping of the mould tools. 


Hinges are actuated by hydraulic cylinders each with a torque of 450kNm, enabling 180-degree rotation of the mould.


Hydraulic jacks located at Leading Edge, Trailing Edge and Inside Hinge with a lifting capacity of 19.5 tonnes that enable 150mm vertical travel of the mould.


Hydraulic clamps allow the compression of the bonding paste during the rotor blade assembly process when the mould is fully closed.  The Clamping Process also allows for alignment between the PS and SS mould halves.


SCADA monitoring system allows viewing current system status as well as historic data and trends.

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