About DFS

DFS Composites was founded in 2015 by Feras Yosef as a global supplier of blades tooling solutions. Since then, we’ve evolved into more than a dozen strong team servicing production lines across 5 continents.

The Team

Part of DFS Team onsite


Multicultural team with varied skillset and decades of experience.


High commitment to customer satisfaction and quality assurance.


24/7 Team always available for service calls.

We are responsive, technically excellent, customer-focused, have an exceptional product and punch above our weight in working with the big boys in a relatively young industry.

We may be small but we have been delivering in the Premier League for five years as a reliable supplier in a very niche market. There aren’t many blade tooling engineers focused on innovation and that is where we hope to score.

Feras Yosef Founder

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